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THE REGION - History

Ubatuba was founded on October 28th, 1638. The Tupinambás Indians were the original inhabitants of the region and they lived peacefully with their neighbors from São Vicente, The Tupiniquins Indians, until the arrival of Portuguese and French explorers.

The tribes were convinced by the Europeans to start a war against each other, until they decided to join forces, get their independence from the Europeans and form the "Confederação dos Tamoios" (“Tamoios Confederation”). 

In1563, in order to control their rebellion, Jesuits Manoel da Nóbrega and José de Anchieta arrived in the region known as “Aldeia de Iperoig” (Iperoig Village), to pacify the Indians. 
As the Tamoios were suspicious of their real intentions, they kidnapped Anchieta for five months, until a peace agreement ( "A Paz de Iperoig" – “Iperoig Peace”) was settled. Some historians believe that during his hostage period, Anchieta wrote some of the 4.172 verses from his famous “ Poem to Virgin Mary” (“Poema à Virgem") .


  • There are all kinds of beaches in Ubatuba. Calm and peaceful ones, and others just perfect to practice watersports. It can be by car, by boat or by foot, Ubatuba will always impress you.
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  • Ecotourism is practice a lot in Ubatuba due to the amount of waterfalls and trails, many of them located in the South region of Ubatuba. It is possible to hike, visit amazing waterfalls, snorkel and observe birds very close to the hotel.

  • Ubatuba is considered the surf capital of São Paulo, but it is also possible to practice many other sports such as skimboard, skating, diving, skydiving, kayaking and abseiling.